Zimin Institute for Smart and Sustainable Cities at ASU

Institute vision

The Zimin Institute for Smart & Sustainable Cities is driving a people-centric vision of future cities.  We are creating a world where the rich functionality and power of advanced technologies are seamlessly integrated with the physical spaces where people live, work, learn and play to make them safer and more secure, healthier, more sustainable and resilient, and more personally enriching.

Institute mission

The Institute will realize the Vision by initiating, catalyzing, connecting, supporting, leveraging and growing the regional smart cities ecosystem.  Specifically, we will:

  • Identify and target promising transformative technology solutions in the people-centric Smart Cities application space
  • Connect researchers across disparate disciplines and application spaces to catalyze new synergistic collaborations
  • Fund critical-stage cutting edge research to break barriers and advance nascent technology solutions
  • Leverage ASU / local testbeds and innovative regional Smart Cities initiatives, collaboratives and funding streams
  • Grow the Smart Cities entrepreneurial ecosystem: venture funding, startups, new revolutionary products

The Institute’s Priority Themes are:

  1. Daily Life & Human Connection / Interaction / Engagement
  2. Sustainable and Healthy Environments & Spaces
  3. Inherent Security, Safety & Public Well-being
  4. Infrastructure Surety, Resilience, and Integrated Functionality



2022 – 2023 Funding Announcement is now available!

To view a recorded session of our Proposer’s Meeting please visit this link. You can download the Proposer’s Meeting slides here.

For more information on how to apply please download the RFP or visit our competition at https://asu.infoready4.com/#competitionDetail/1857232