Updates on the successes of Homer Farms

November 2023
We’re incredibly honored to have been chosen as finalists in this year’s Arizona Innovation Challenge @azcommerce 2023! It’s truly humbling to stand alongside such remarkable companies, being the only farming startup in the mix. While we may not claim the title of the most innovative farm in Arizona 😎 , the Homer Farms team is immensely proud of the progress we’ve made. Grateful for this recognition and excited to keep pushing the boundaries of agricultural innovation!

October 2023
Homer Farms is gaining momentum in Phoenix, AZ! It’s great to hear that our progress at Homer Farms has been receiving recognition from many business leaders in our startup ecosystem here in Arizona. We will continue to work hard and contribute to building a more resilient food system for communities in Arizona. Keep fighting, Homer

September 2023
We are glad to announce that our vertical farm in the City of Phoenix is successfully launched and the first batch of fresh produce (perhaps the freshest produce 😁 ) has been harvested and delivered to our customers!
We grow crops in a fully controlled environment with artificial lighting to ensure the highest quality. No pesticides or herbicides are used at all and our crops use at least 95% less water than conventional agriculture activities. Please reach out to us for more information!

July 2023
Very excited to see that Sun Devil Athletics and ASU Zero Waste are the winners of The Annual Pac-12 Football Zero Waste Challenge. It is our pleasure to work with these amazing teams to achieve zero waste for football games at ASU.
All the food waste we collected and processed is converted into liquid fertilizer for local communities.