August 2021 – Storytelling Robots for Older Adults Living with Dementia and Their Caregivers

Project Director Troy McDaniel

The newly-published book entitled Multimedia for Accessible Human Computer Interfaces, edited by Troy McDaniel and Xueliang Liu (ISBN-10: 3030707156), is a comprehensive tour of human-assistive technologies.  This major work is the first resource to provide in-depth coverage on topical areas of multimedia computing (images, video, audio, speech, haptics, VR/AR, etc.) for accessible and inclusive human computer interfaces. Topics are grouped into thematic areas spanning the human senses: Vision, Hearing, Touch, as well as Multimodal applications. Each chapter is written by different multimedia researcher experts to provide complementary and multidisciplinary perspectives. Unlike other related books, which focus on guidelines for designing accessible interfaces, or are dated in their coverage of cutting-edge multimedia technologies, Multimedia for Accessible Human Computer Interfaces takes an application-oriented approach to present a tour of how the field of multimedia is advancing access to human computer interfaces for individuals with disabilities.